Omotenacism helps you to create an organization
Which generates synergy
between your customers and management team/ your employees
When all parties practice hospitality
Through products and services.

Omotenacism Solution

We listen to you about the challenges your business encounters,
make an analysis of the current status and suggest solutions.
We enhance the level of omotenashi in your business,
support to accomplish your vision and to strengthen your brand value.

  1. step1


    Investigate the current situation to detect underlying issues.
    Identify how your business should be.
  2. step2


    Establish countermeasures to solve issues and suggest an original program with a method suitable for your business.
  3. step3


    Support to implement the countermeasures.
  4. step4


    Provide follow-ups by coaching / WEB until effectiveness takes root in the day-to-day operation.

What is omotenacism

Our Services

The following services are also available in English. They may be tailored into a presentation seminar or training as well.
We develop a totally original menu suitable for your organization upon request.

About our programs